What some of her clients have said :


“I think I will always look back on the work I did with Wendy as being transformational. Her capacity to distil the complex issues I was facing at the time, (some of which were not immediately obvious to me) helped me to successfully make a major change in my professional life. Rather than attempting to solve problems for me, Wendy guided me to my own approaches and solutions. Her coaching was invaluable. She gets results.”


“I had been working only a couple of years and found that I really wasn’t enjoying my job. Wendy Quinn was recommended to me as someone who I could talk to and who would be able to help me to discern my vocational path. I found that through meeting with Wendy I was challenged to think differently and this opened my mind up to many more possibilities that I had never thought of. I found her services invaluable and have found a new vocational path which I am actually satisfied with.”



"Working with Wendy challenged me to reflect upon and articulate my personal and professional achievements, values and direction. In presenting a range of perspectives and thinking, Wendy challenges existing frameworks. As I commence a new leadership role, these learnings will be critical to my ongoing development and success."



“Wendy meets with me regularly.  She brings a fresh perspective and her acquired wisdom encourages me to better understand the work that I do.  Sometimes in our sessions Wendy works with me to identify an alternative narrative about current work issues, enabling me to construct a more informed response as I deal with the issue in the present.”           


“My coaching sessions with Wendy commonly include a significant amount of reflective listening on her part, which is invaluable to me as I am often caught up in the busyness of the work at the time.  Our sessions provide space for contemplation.”



“Wendy brings the optimal mix of knowledge, skill and experience to coaching – she has the ability to quickly assess an individual, using strengths to help guide in the right direction. Wendy helps create a personal vision, think more strategically and execute plans to achieve results. “



“Wendy was great - She helped me through a range of career issues using a gentle yet thought- provoking approach.  Wendy assisted me in achieving a sustainable work-life balance and greater clarity of my career objectives.   She helped me to see that life beyond work is not such a scary place and helped me to develop strategies to broaden my networks in areas of interest outside of my current field of work.   I am happy to recommend Wendy as a coach and mentor.”

Detailed reference by Leslie Mackay.

RE: Wendy Quinn’s nomination for the 2017 AIM Leadership Excellence Awards

It is a pleasure to provide a reference supporting Wendy Quinn’s nomination for the 2017 AIM Leadership Excellence Awards. I have provided just a few examples of my experiences of the depth and breadth of Wendy’s approaches to leadership, and would be happy to provide additional information if required.

I first met Wendy approximately 15 years ago when, as a relative newcomer to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), I was seconded to Mental Health Services to manage a project to review the Huntington’s Disease Service in Tasmania. In her role as the State Manager of Mental Health Services Tasmania, Wendy was the project owner. From my first meeting with Wendy I was impressed by her capacity as both leader and manager. Two previous reviews of the Huntington’s Disease Service had resulted in significant stakeholder resistance, and membership of the project Steering Committee was decided as part of the resolution of a complaint about the findings of a previous review made under the Tasmanian State Services Act Grievance Procedure. Committee members held divergent expectations and views, and key project stakeholders were deeply divided regarding project processes. Wendy’s steadfast support of her project team, sustained focus on achieving a positive outcome for Tasmanians affected by Huntington’s Disease, insightful contributions to strategy and keen appreciation of project issues and risks were critical factors in the successful completion of the project. Project outcomes lead to greater consistency in the delivery of Huntington Diseases Services in Tasmania by resolving long standing, highly contested questions about the directions, purpose and beneficiaries of the service.

A few years after the completion of the Huntington’s Disease Service Review, I had the opportunity to work closely with Wendy when she accepted the role of Director, Disability Services where I worked in a policy and planning role. Wendy was the first manager I encountered who made leadership explicit in our day to day work. I recall the first State Meeting under Wendy’s leadership. During the meeting Wendy delivered a presentation about leadership metaphors and opened my eyes to the field of leadership thought and studies. From that day on, whether in routine work day conversations or large formal settings, Wendy’s commitment to personal growth and inspiring leadership excellence in others was clear to all. Throughout the time I worked to Wendy, it was not unusual to find she had left a well-chosen article or book on the topic of leadership on your desk in response to a question or issue that had arisen. Wendy has been a significant influence on my approach to leadership ever since.

A little over a decade after our first meeting, I was working in the community sector and found myself in need of a skilled facilitator to work with a small community Board of Management. The Board was inexperienced, had little knowledge of governance and its members were initially resistant to any suggestion they might benefit from governance and leadership training. Naturally, I enlisted Wendy’s support with this task. Wendy initially met with Board members and then presented a highly tailored, and heavily discounted, training proposal to them. Wendy secured the trust of Board members by demonstrating she heard their concerns and needs during their initial meeting. Wendy conducted a series of five workshops with the Board, and members thoroughly enjoyed learning more about their leadership role. Following the training, Board members made wide-ranging improvements in areas such as financial management systems and reporting, conduct of Board meetings and relationships with paid staff and volunteers. That the Board later invited Wendy to participate on a selection panel to recruit a new manager was a testament to the trust and confidence she established with the organisation in a relatively short period of time.

Approximately two years ago I was considering a career change, and I engaged Wendy as a personal mentor. I will always look back on the work I did with Wendy during this time as being transformational. Her capacity to distil the complex issues I was facing, some of which were not immediately obvious to me, helped me successfully make a major change in my professional life. Rather than attempting to solve problems for me, Wendy guided me to my own approaches and solutions. Her coaching and support was invaluable, and I have continued to benefit from Wendy’s skilled mentoring since.

I consider it a privilege to have worked with Wendy in a range of settings and contexts over a substantial period of time. She is an exceptional leader. I commend her to you.

Lesley Mackay
General Manager Tasmania, The Smith Family

Reference from Amanda Quealy. (CEO of The Hobart Clinic)

Women’s Leadership Awards
Reference: Wendy Quinn
I have known Wendy for almost 10 years, initially in her capacity as a consultant to the Tasmanian State government and community facilitator. She has a very personable approach and this combined with her leadership expertise and health industry knowledge shows through in how she delivers sessions and programs. She is well regarded by senior executives in the Tasmanian State government and hence has been asked to run and manage a number of projects. She has a strong local reputation as a skilled health leader.
The Hobart Clinic contracted Wendy to undertake some work with our leadership team and change management. As part of our strategy we sought Wendy’s skills and experience to work with the team as a whole and provide individual coaching and mentoring. We were able to address and solve many of the issues that faced the team so as to progress with the implementation of the strategic objectives.
Wendy is a director of The Hobart Clinic Association and as such brings executive, risk management and governance expertise the Board of Directors. She is the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee.
Most recently I have worked closely with Wendy in her capacity as Course Co-ordinator for the Masters in Leadership (Health and Human Services) within the Faculty of Health, University of Tasmania. Wendy manages a diverse range of students from all over Australia, who come from a number of professional backgrounds. She guides them through a framework that enables them to develop their leadership skills and make their own experience relevant in the workplace.
She has consistently received positive feedback from students for her mentoring and academic knowledge in the area of leadership, governance and change management.
I fully support Wendy’s nomination for this award and I wish her well. She has made a significant contribution to the leadership and development of health care in Tasmania.

Amanda Quealy

Detailed Reference from Kate MacIntyre

I have worked with Wendy since February 2012 when I took up the role of Associate Professor in Public Health at the University of Tasmania following a move from the UK to Australia.

Wendy’s achievements are many and laudable. Her main achievements include the following:

1. Coordination of the Masters of Leadership Courses that have demonstrated a year on year increase in enrolments and successful completions alongside growing student satisfaction as demonstrated by the formal teaching evaluation exercises and focus on quality improvement.
2. Successful restructuring, amalgamation and implementation of leadership courses to develop one high quality course that is clearly aligned with practice and policy and supports transformative learning.
3. Leadership lead for a senior governance team that included other course coordinators and myself as Postgraduate Program Director. Key role in establishing and maintaining a governance framework for the Postgraduate unit and strategic direction of this unit.
4. Effective collaboration and engagement with industry experts to ensure that the educational offerings are translational.
5. Wendy’s experience, knowledge and skills have been critical to the growing success of the postgraduate unit, which has increased four-fold in terms of student enrolment and staffing since her commencement in 2012.
6. Wendy has a long standing commitment to her progression and has active membership in four professional organisations. She presents her work at conferences and networks widely with excellent results that benefit the broader group.

Specific examples of leading others and managing people through change.

1. Wendy has developed extensive collaborative relationships with individuals and organisations that have led to a number of Honorary Appointments in our postgraduate programs. These individuals contribute to our educational offerings and ensure that the course remains current and relevant to policy and practice.
2. Wendy has led a program of individual and team-work to help improve team dynamics, morale and effectiveness. This led to significant improvements with shared trust, respect and values.
3. Wendy has led conflict resolution within the team and around employment and other human resources issues.
4. Wendy is generous in her support for others and has provided individual coaching at points of difficulty and also mentoring around future goals.
5. Wendy manages her support team effectively and prioritises well with excellent time management skills.
Five words about Wendy.
Calm, respectful, integrity, accountable and committed.

Kate MacIntyre