Business Experience and Background

A former state government senior executive from 1999 to 2011, Wendy held various State Director positions, with responsibilities at different times for aged care, rehabilitation, community services, palliative care, rural health, disability, mental health, alcohol and drugs, and correctional health.

For ten years prior to this, Wendy managed a policy development unit and several multidisciplinary teams of health professionals providing aged care and rehabilitations services. She began her working life as an occupational therapist, spending 12 years in clinical positions in NSW and Tasmania working in the areas of developmental disabilities and vocational rehabilitation.

Wendy’s roles over her extensive career have seen her manage services employing up to 1,200 staff and budgets of $250 million, steer government service reform, implement new legislation, set up new services, restructure existing services, form partnerships and manage contracts with private and non-government organisations, advise government ministers, mentor staff and support emerging leaders.

Wendy is currently employed in a part-time academic role at the University of Tasmania coordinating the Master of Leadership (Health and Human Services) Course, and lecturing in leadership, governance and change management.

Following graduation from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (August 2013); Wendy is serving as the non-executive director on three boards as well as serving as Managing Director of WJQuinn Consulting Pty Ltd.  This Company provides a range of consultancy services specialising in leadership and vocational coaching specialising in life-changing conversation.



Wendy works with established and emerging leaders on both the art and science of leadership. Responsive to where people are at, and utilising deep listening skills she tailors programs for each person, combining guidance on tangible skills like articulating a clear vision, setting goals, building a strong team and collaborating with others together with more intangible qualities like self-knowledge, trust, integrity and resilience.  Skills based coaching can also be customised around any of the many leadership and management areas known to Wendy.

Drawing on her unique mix of knowledge and skills, Wendy utilises her in-depth understanding of people and organisations to guide people at all stages of their leadership journeys. Wendy provides opportunities for dialogue, exploration and discovery with creative use of reflective activities that enable clients to gain new understanding about themselves and others.

Leadership can at times be a lonely and confusing experience with few places for new leaders and even fewer for experienced leaders to safely explore leadership issues, styles, challenges, ethical dilemmas, conflict, interpersonal problems, sustainability, resilience, work-life-balance, career transition and vocational crises.

Customised packages of leadership coaching can provide a safe, but at the same time challenging environment’ to enable guided personal reflection, discovery and goal-setting whenever these leadership needs arise.

Coaching can be customised for each person’s requirements but is often provided in a package of six one hour sessions spaced over a period of time.  Usually the sessions are held monthly to enable time for reflection and follow-up activities by the client but depending upon individual circumstances the sessions may be held as frequently as weekly.

Prior to commencing a package of coaching sessions clients are able to attend a preliminary session to discuss their needs and confirm that the proposed package and Wendy’s style will match their requirements.  A contract covering agreed goals for the package of sessions is confirmed with the client prior to commencement.

Where leadership coaching is contracted through an organisation there is provision for a preliminary meeting and brief report at the end of the package.

Coaching sessions can be held in a variety of locations depending on the client’s preference but often occur in the informal setting of local coffee shops where conversation is able to be facilitated in a relaxed and comfortable environment.