Business Experience and Background

Wendy Quinn was a member of the Tasmanian government senior executive service from 1999 to 2011. She held various State Director positions, with responsibilities at different times for aged care, rehabilitation, community services, palliative care, rural health, disability, mental health, alcohol and drugs, and correctional health.
For ten years prior to this, Wendy managed a policy development unit and several multidisciplinary teams of health professionals providing aged care and rehabilitation services. She began her working life as an occupational therapist, spending 12 years in clinical positions in NSW and Tasmania.
Wendy’s roles over a 37-year career have seen her manage services employing up to 1200 staff and budgets of up to $250 million, steer government service reform, implement new legislation, assist with coronial enquiries, set up new services, restructure existing services, form partnerships and manage contracts with private and non-government organisations, advise government ministers, mentor staff and support emerging leaders.
Wendy has had a longstanding interest in transformational leadership and is passionate about its importance in the 21st century. For many years she was active in developing emerging leaders in the Tasmanian state service. She has a longstanding interest in vocation and enjoys assisting people as they seek to discover their true vocation and live lives of meaning, purpose and value.
Wendy currently has a part-time role at the University of Tasmania coordinating the Master of Leadership (Health and Human Services) and lecturing in leadership, governance and change management. She also frequently provides facilitation of forums and gives motivational talks on leadership, transformation, collaboration as well as designing and coordinating health and community services for people with complex needs.
Having graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors in 2013, Wendy has been appointed to Director positions on three Boards as well as serving as Managing Director of WJQuinn Consulting.

Consulting Experience

Drawing on her unique mix of knowledge and skills, Wendy offers several services to assist people who want to unlock their leadership potential, put their talents to good use and make a difference at work.
“I enjoy facilitating life-changing conversations that inspire the courage to lead, discover vocation and manage complex change in the 21st century” Wendy Quinn

Leadership and vocational coaching

Wendy works with established and emerging leaders on both the art and science of leadership. Responsive to where people are at, she tailors programs for each person, combining guidance on tangible skills like articulating a clear vision, building a strong team, and collaborating with others, with more intangible qualities like trust, integrity and resilience. Wendy is also able to offer skills-based coaching on the many leadership and management areas she has experience in.
For people in career transition, Wendy offers the opportunity for what have been called “life-changing conversations”. Drawing on her occupational therapy-related skills in helping people find meaningful work, and her experience as a senior manager leading people though major workplace change, she helps individuals successfully navigate significant decision points in their careers.

Learning circle facilitation

Wendy’s learning circles bring together people working at similar levels, either within organisations or across industries, to explore issues in more depth than their busy workplaces usually allow. Participants meet regularly to learn from each other as well as from Wendy, and often come away with unexpected solutions to difficult problems.

• Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, August 2013
• Master of Health Science, Developmental Disabilities, Sydney University, 2011
• Graduate Certificate, Australian Competent Manager Program, AIM & Deakin University, 1999
• State-wide Executive Development Program, Department of Health & Human Services, Tasmania, 1992–1993
• Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Completion Program (Occupational Therapy), Curtin University, WA, 1992 (four units completed)
• Diploma of Occupational Therapy, Cumberland College of Health Sciences, Sydney, 1975

• Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders
• Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Managers
• Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Areas of Expertise and Specialisation
• Guiding Transformational Journeys (MLQ 360 plus accreditation & DISC Accreditation)
• Open Space Technology
• Operational management
• Change Fitness management (Certified)
• Vocational Coaching
• Policy development and reform
• Organisational culture change
• Partnership development
• Strategic planning
• Mentoring
• Project management
• Multidisciplinary team work
• Risk management